Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stra! Tee! GOOO!!

Stratego! The post title recalls the Stratego television commercial jingle of my childhood. Great commercial. Really great game. I got it for Christmas. You didn't. :P

So, I just played it again today for the first time in very many years. I beat a ten year old. And, I mean I wiped the map with him. I want you to know that I read him the strategy tips in the instructions. But, he wasn't listening much at that point. Big mistake. So, he made the rookie error of locking all of his highest ranking pieces on the back rows. I sent in a Major -- a mere major! -- and cut him to ribbons. He's moving all these pieces around trying to get a colonel out to stop me. Where could he move them? Right into Major Meatgrinder -- there was no other place to go.

I suppose I could have taken it easy on the child; at least let it be close. But, that's just not me. I feel like integrity demands that you give every opponent your best game in every contest. (And, my fragile, battered ego refuses to pass up any victory, no matter how small.)
Anyway, the boy is a good sport and he's ready to go again tomorrow. He's definitely internalized the strategy tip of keeping some firepower on the front.

I might try an older opponent. Then again, I may build my confidence first by whipping up on the ten year old a few more times.