Sunday, January 02, 2011

Review Round-up

  • Reds *
    Yeah, that "Reds" -- with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. It was good. I appreciate that, although Mr. Beatty is sympathetic to his communist subjects, he didn't go overboard in whitewashing the facts of the story. (At least, not as far as I can tell.)

  • Red (2010) *
    This is the sort of popular junk I normally pan. But, keeping in mind that it's not a particularly serious movie, Bruce Willis keeps it fun enough to push it over the line to one star (worth watching). Vaguely reminiscent of "The Whole Nine Yards".

  • Strangers on a Train (1951) *
    Merry Christmas to me! I got one of those cheap collections with four Hitchock movies on 2 disks in one case. It was outstanding.

  • True Grit (2010) **
    The Coen brothers have done it again. I loved this movie. The Coens' versatility in being able to remake this movie, yes, better than the original is simply astounding.

  • Salt 0
    This movie has some redeeming qualities. Jolie is pretty good. I just can't recommend it, though.

  • Wild Hogs 0
    The only reason I'm reviewing this is to say, it's not as bad as I expected. Just regular bad.



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